Upgrade your cyber intelligence skills

Upgrade your cyber intelligence skills with Treadstone 71's immersive online courses.

Our curriculum spans from counterintelligence to cyber psyops, and even includes how to construct a cyber intelligence program. We help you collect and analyze geopolitical and strategic intelligence, OSINT, clandestine cyber human intelligence, and much more. Our courses come with extensive adversary OSINT techniques, methodical OPSEC procedures, and real-world applications of AI solutions like ChatGPT.

If you are tired of the same old threat intelligence feeds and looking to save time on risk mitigation, data collection, and validation, Treadstone 71's training is the answer. Do you want to stop spending a fortune on other vendors' generic data? Are you ready to mature your team's cyber intelligence expertise? We will guide you through AI tool installation and usage, allowing you to manage your curated data without outsourcing.

In-person Training at reasonable prices.

Students will gain hands-on experience with AI modules and virtual machines during our courses. We will guide you to download, install, and train ChatGPT on your data stores, and integrate updated content. Why shell out hundreds of thousands for someone else's ChatGPT installation, when you can do it yourself?

We are committed to incorporating AI into content analysis, creating automated hypothesis generators, and even providing AI assistance in writing analytic reports. With AI tools at your disposal, you will boost your capabilities in cyber intelligence tradecraft, threat and fraud detection, malware identification, forecasting future threats, network security, and incident response.

Our training program covers a broad range of topics like Advanced Analytic Writing, Structured Analytic Techniques, Building a Cyber Intelligence Program, OPSEC, OSINT, Darknet Collection, and more. We delve into cognitive warfare, covering hybrid warfare, grey zone activities, Russian, Chinese, and Iranian Information Operations, cyber militias, and conspiracy theories.

Check out our online courses at www.cyberinteltrainingcenter.com, offering comprehensive training in various aspects of cyber intelligence, such as adversary targeting, analytic writing, disinformation, deception planning, and supply chain security. Become a certified cyber counterintelligence analyst, delve into cognitive warfare definitions, and master the art of strategic intelligence analysis.

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