Intelligence Cyberspace Lifecycle Operations Training

לערנען מער

The course is a hybridized intelligence and counterintelligence course geared towards executing cyberspace operations through structured methods. Students gain practical hands-on skills in cyber militias and foreign legions, space operations, weaponizing conspiracy theories, using disinformation to control narratives, jihadist online operations and locations, and cryptocurrency scams and cash-out schemes, non-inclusively. The course concludes with a program maturity review, competency models for analysts and collectors, and a maturity tracking model for goals and objectives based on the maturity assessment.

קאָנטאַקט Treastone 71

קאָנטאַקט Treadstone 71 הייַנט. לערן מער וועגן אונדזער טאַרגעטעד קעגנער אַנאַליסיס, קאָגניטיווע וואָרפער טראַינינג און ינטעלליגענסע טראַדעקראַפט אָפרינגז.

קאָנטאַקט אונדז הייַנט!